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Expertise, Naturalness and Trustworthiness –
for more than 60 years.

Parents want the best possible start in life for their child. Thanks to Humana's long time expertise in Baby Food, we support children's healthy growth and development by providing reliable products in tune with nature. Humana is committed to offer controlled and certified quality "Made in Germany" with more than 60 years experience in research and development.

Whether it is Milk Formula, Weaning Food or Nutritional Supplements - the quality of our Baby Food is based on latest research and is scientifically proven. We cooperate closely with recognized specialists and paediatricians to offer products which meet the individual requirements of children according to their age and development: From birth onwards to the age of three years.


Life begins with Humana!

Generations of babies have been raised up with Humana.

More than 60 years ago, Herford based paediatrician Dr. Lemke developed the first Infant Formula close to the ideal of breast milk

Τα ορόσημα στις καινοτομίες μας:

  • 1950


    Humana develops the first infant formula to be as close as possible to breast milk.

  • 1962


    Humana launches the first special formula for premature babies.

  • 1967


    Humana is the first producer to introduce therapeutic food based on sweet milk –  the Humana HN Heilnahrung.

  • 1982


    Introduction of Humana SL, a special soya based formula for babies who cannot tolerate cow’s milk.

  • 2003


    Market launch of Humana AR for babies with an increased tendency to regurgitate.

  • 2011


    Humana develops AntiColic for babies with digestive problems.

  • 2014


    Humana products enter the market with new designed packaging.